Why Football Needs RESPECT

The FA is responding to concern across the game to tackle unacceptable behaviour in football.

RESPECT is the collective responsibility of everyone in football to create a fair, safe and enjoyable environment in which the game can take place.

RESPECT is now the behavioural code of football.

There are RESPECT Codes of Conduct for:

1. Young Players

2. Spectators and Parents/Carers

3. Coaches, Team Managers and Club Officials

4. Match Officials

Each Code explains that actions can be taken if the Code is broken.  Although the County FA and The FA will deal with cases of reported misconduct, clubs and leagues also have a role to play in dealing with poor behaviour from players, officials or spectators.

It is the policy of Albert Village Junior Junior FC that all members abide by their respective Code of Conduct at all times.  Repeated violation of any Code of Conduct will result in exclusion from our Club.

The FA has launched a free online RESPECT Parent Guide to highlight examples of poor behaviour and more importantly, how it can be improved.  Please click here to see the guide for Parents & Carers.

If you would like to discuss any issue relating to RESPECT then please contact our Club Welfare Officer.

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