Under 4: Mini-Kicker Sessions

During these sessions our young players will be encouraged to participate in structured games. Basic ball mastery is harnessed via multi-directional dribbling and striking.

All sessions include lots of fun games that build on our player’s ability to move their body and learn how to change direction comfortably with the ball at their feet. All players get to participate in a small sided football game at the end of every session.

A key outcome of our "Under 4: Mini-Kicker Sessions" is to stimulate greater social skills, sharing and overall team play which continues to build-up our young players confidence and independence levels.

Our "Under 4: Mini-Kicker Sessions" really start to have an impact on improving our players physical dexterity by using lots of familiar ball drills.

Parents of any new players joining at this stage will need to come prepared to join in to help their child settle in.

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Mini Kicker Academy (U3's - U6's)

Under 3: Mini-Kicker Sessions

Under 6: Mini-Kicker Sessions

These sessions are designed to focus on both teaching our player’s how to perform a skill and also start to build an understanding of why the skill is needed.

Practice drills are designed to give player’s lots of turns and touches of the ball in order to encourage greater individual skill development within a structured team environment.  All players get to participate in an extended small sided football game at the end of every session to give an opportunity to be creative and gain maximum enjoyment from participating.

Our “Under 6: Mini-Kicker Sessions” create a positive and enjoyable learning environment which prioritises skill development and experimentation.  Both of which are crucial for our young players who are learning to play the game.

These sessions aim to further develop our player’s problem solving and team awareness skills so that over time they become second nature.

All sessions are designed to ensure that every player gets to experience “success” during each activity.  All players also participate in a small sided football game on an appropriated size pitch at the end of every session.

A key outcome of our “Under 5: Mini-Kickers Sessions” is that our young players demonstrate an ability to concentrate on instructions and have the confidence to independently participate in controlled play using various scenarios.

Our “Under 5: Mini-Kicker Sessions" link together our player’s basic physical and social confidence skills with a greater awareness of how to play the game.

These sessions practice life skills like listening, sharing, taking turns and teamwork. A typical session places as much emphasis on simple learning concepts like colours and numbers as it does on fine-tuning a players basic balance, agility and co-ordination.

All sessions include fun games that contain specific actions and movements to help our players gain greater bodily control. All players will learn how to strike stationary and moving footballs during play and everyone gets to experience those unforgettable goal scoring moments.

A key outcome of our "Under 3: Mini-Kicker Sessions" is to provide a fun, safe and positive environment that encourages each child to start to move from parent supported participation to active, independent interaction with their team.

Due to the nature of our "Under 3: Mini-Kicker Sessions" we ask that all parents come prepared to join in.

Under 5: Mini-Kicker Sessions

Guided by our own FA qualified coaching team and pro-active parents our mini-kicker football programme is designed to introduce young children to the enjoyment of playing sport.

Our Mini-Kicker Academy format is to use at least two coaches per group, not simply to ensure that appropriate coaching ratios are maintained but also to give our parents the opportunity to socialise with other like minded individuals and friends.

We recognise that every child is an individual and believe that they develop their skills best when they are playing with other children of the same age and similar ability. As such, we separate our players into age specific groups and teams, which encourages every player to maximise their involvement and development potential.

We offer every child a safe and gently staggered learning environment that provides an enjoyable and challenging football experience which is positive, fun-filled, friendly and pressure free

Our Mini-Kicker Academy uses football as its foundation so it is very important that children are not encouraged to participate in anything for which they are not physically or mentally ready.