FMC Corporation is a specialty company serving agricultural, industrial and consumer markets globally for more than a century with innovative solutions, applications and quality products.

Our Sustainability Approach

FMC provides products with sustained value that motivate customers, employees and other stakeholders to work with FMC. Today’s FMC has the right formula to drive sustainability well into the future.

There are three key pillars to sustainability at FMC:

Our People: First and foremost, we have safe, ethical and engaged employees who build trusting relationships with customers, suppliers, investors and communities. Our people are the key element in making our sustainability formula work throughout the value chain.

Our Products: Our people create products that meet the needs of our customers and the changing world. We work toward a resilient supply chain that ensures sustainably sourced products.

Our Responsibility: Our people manufacture products in ways that reduce our environmental footprint and reduce cost. We are responsible neighbors and community members.


In order for FMC to continue to create positive global change, our communities play an essential part in Our Formula for Progress. Together, we can shape a sustainable future by employing our workforce’s steadfast focus and utmost dedication, and by engaging our families, friends, and communities on matters of sustainability.

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With over 30 years’ experience of commercial and residential development and expertise in regeneration, St. Modwen operates across the full spectrum of the property industry from a network of regional offices, a residential business and through joint ventures with public sector and industry leading partners.


We take a long-term approach to regeneration and development and during any project lifecycle we are flexible enough to move with market demands and pursue those opportunities that generate the greatest value at any one time. We work hard to build and maintain long-term relationships with local authorities, our shareholders and our partners.


We continuously explore new ways to develop our land bank in order to generate sustainable value for all our stakeholders. We look beyond standard development routes to create innovative schemes that strive to meet the needs and expectations of local residents, businesses and the wider community, and create value for our shareholders.


We are a straight-talking company. Colleagues, customers, suppliers and stakeholders can rely on us to deliver on the promises and commitments we make and to bring about long-term, sustainable regeneration.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Acquiring brownfield sites, remediating and transforming them into cleaner, greener and brighter environments where businesses and communities can thrive: this is the essence of what we do. In turn, it promotes positive social, economic and environmental change.